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Increasing Prosperity Through Positivity


Sweet Happy Success, Increasing Prosperity Through Positivityby Roxana HannahThe happiness movement is spreading fast. Corporations, individuals and governments alike are tapping into and implementing over a decade of proven researched strategies from positive psychologists.

Sweet Happy Success is not about the fluff.

We want success, we want freedom, we want happiness and we want it today. So let’s learn from the experts who are referenced within and from a personal account from Roxana Hannah’s journey spiraling upward to consciously separate herself from a negative force.

Forget about the past – there’s nothing you can do to change it so might as well learn from it. You may need to alter your perspective of your past to get the most benefit for your future. You have important things to get on with in life and if you’re committed to more prosperity (whatever prosperity means to you) you need to learn the tools and build the resources to proceed through life’s adversity to stay on top of the water.

There are no guarantees in life so make your moments TODAY count. Live a full life doing what you love; be amongst people who support your dreams and goals. And if you’re unsure of any one of your decisions let’s get clear on your intentions and strip away any fear, or hesitation you have about achieving your dreams. Let’s get you functioning, more often than not, from a space where you are in your greatest power. The power that is unique to you.

Receive immediate updates as I continue to unveil and bring you the latest on how you too can benefit from the happiness movement. You’ll receive an added bonus from exclusive high level private talk series delivered directly by the people in the heart of the movement: Tony Hsieh’s CEO James Key Lim of Delivering Happiness, from the Director of The Happy Movie, Roko Belic and many others. This information you receive will cover topics on world happiness, happiness and intimacy, happiness and family, business prosperity, tips for the workplace, happiness and health and more.